Friends of QPA


Friends of QPA sends warm greetings to all parents, especially those new to the school.  We are here to provide the little extras for our children during their time at our school – treats, activities, equipment.  All parents can help.

During the summer Friends of Queens Park Academy were asked to provide a projector and screen for outdoor education and we also were delighted to fund the cost of providing all our Year 6 leavers with a specially designed poster for them to keep as a memento of their time at the school.

Life is of course very different at the moment and we cannot plan to do all the activities we did last year but we have started providing some treats for our Early Years children – biscuits or cakes to take home on Friday afternoon.  And after half term it will be the turn of children on the Chestnut Avenue site.

The children on the School Council will be meeting before half term and we rely on them to let us know how we can enhance their school experience. We hear on the grapevine that a climbing frame is on their wishlist for Early Years!  So we will have to get our fundraising skates on for these high cost items. 

We will be able to keep you posted via this website and also Class Dojo – if you have any suggestions or offers of help please let us know – you can email our Secretary, Ven Bolton on [email protected] or talk to our teacher representative, Miss Fatima Gulam at school.