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Pupil Premium 2017-18


The government provides schools with Pupil Premium Funding to enhance the provision for the most disadvantaged children. The money has to be spent in ways which help them overcome barriers to learning. 

At Queens Park Academy we believe that the most important thing we can do to help all children become excellent learners is to be the best teachers we can. We know that for many children the introduction to art, music, sport and life skills that they receive in school can inspire achievement across the curriculum and on into adulthood. Some children struggle with low self-esteem and lack resilience so they may need extra support to access what is on offer. We also know that some of our children have complicated backgrounds which have an adverse effect on their readiness for learning. With this in mind we will spend this years allocation as follows.  

Measuring the impact of Pupil Premium

The impact of the pupil premium on the students for whom the school receives the funding is measured in several different ways.

A key measure is achievement. The school track Pupil Premium achievement half termly.  using data from each national assessment point (end of reception, end of keystage 1 and end of keystage 2) The progress of all students is carefully tracked. For the purposes of this impact evaluation, we focus on English and Mathematics and look at the levels of progress. The results of the pupil premium students in each Year Group are compared with the combined results of all the students in the Year Group. 

Another measure is engagement with learning. The pupil premium students are discussed at fortnightly meetings. Our early interventions officer addresses any issues that arise on a daily basis. 

Our Pupil Premium statement for 2017-18 is below:  

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