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Special Education Needs and Disabilities

Inclusion for all is at the heart of everything we do at Queens Park Academy. We serve a vibrant and diverse community, rich with different cultures, languages and different pupils with a varying range of academic, social, emotional, physical and sensory needs. We embrace the fact that every child is different. Therefore, we make every effort to meet the needs of any child, regardless of aptitude, ability or special need.

Our SEND Report sets out how we meet the needs of pupils with special educational needs, as set out by our SEND Policy. In this document, you should find answers to any questions that you may have about SEND at Queens Park Academy.

SEND Report

SEND Policy

You can find information regarding Accessibility on the Statutory Info page.

The named Governor for Special Educational Needs is Mrs Ven Bolton, and the Special Needs Co-ordinator is Miss Holli Smith.

Should you have any further questions about Special Educational Needs at Queens Park Academy, please feel free to contact Miss Holli Smith.

01234 352901

[email protected]  


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