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Our Curriculum


Welcome to the Curriculum page of our website. Here you will find information on the different subjects taught at Queens Park Academy. The School follows the National Curriculum Programmes of study in these subjects:

Click on individual subjects for further information about these subjects

For each subject and for each Key Stage, programmes of study set out what pupils should be taught and attainment targets set out the expected standards of pupils’ performance. Where possible we link objectives from a variety of different subject areas to form Topics. Please click here to see the topic webs for the current half term.

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum we offer please contact the school office and a member of the admin team will arrange for you to speak to a relevant member of staff.

In addition to the National Curriculum Programmes of study we are dedicated to widening the experiences of the children and try to ensure each topic includes trips out and visitors into school to make it as interesting as possible. Outside learning remains a key feature  of the curriculum on both sites. We have an allotment garden, and outside classroom (The Barn) and a wildlife and pond area. Other facilities to help learning include an ICT suite, a library and custom built children's kitchen and two large halls for PE. 

Early Years (Nursery and Reception) 

The curriculum in the Early Years is based on Foundation stage guidance that allows each individual child to experience exciting  and challenging opportunities in a creative learning environment.  

The Early years site is a large open plan space that encourages a love of learning through exploration in a variety of settings including a expansive outside space. The focus in the Early years is very much focused on the individual child and their progress through the early learning goals. Rigorous assessment processes ensures that all children make rapid and sustained progress relevant to their needs. Please click here to see the topic webs for the current half term.